Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Trader in Pajamas SCAM

Have you heard that the amount of currency turned over in the forex market is in the region of three trillion dollars every day? That’s a  lot of cash in most people’s minds. And you can get in on this action too.

It’s quite easy. Just trade forex with binary options and use the Trader in Pajamas System. Thanks to  insight from former stock broker Keith, you can be a part of this profitable currency trading system and make significant profits from home.

I know what your thinking, is this a scam?

NO!. Keith has become an incredibly wealthy man, and he wants to share his secrets with the world about just how simple it is to make this kind of money by being your own boss and working from your own living room. His lifestyle is something everyone should be able to enjoy!

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Keith was pointed out as a remarkably promising broker, and one of the finest to have come to Wall Street from the U.K. But he left this fantastically stressful job in order to relax, take it easy, and enjoy life a little by working from home.

You can learn what Keith knows by checking out his Trader in Pajamas System for free:


  1. The first confusion is over the name of the person offering the system. Andy refers to him as Keith, but he self identifies as Dan. Secondly, anyone who professes to be looking out for consumers while even hinting that this "product" is worth the time investment; let alone any monetary investment, is either incompetent or benefiting from the SCAM!

  2. Look at what is really going on. You have to sign up and trade through him. He is making a commission on every trade whether you win or lose. He doesn't really mention that, does he?